Upgrading to WireBox 7

The official WireBox 7 upgrade guide

ColdFusion 2016 Support Dropped

ColdFusion 2016 support has been dropped. Adobe doesn't support them anymore, so neither do we.

Testing Injector Creations

If you are creating your own WireBox injector in your tests and using integration testing, you will have Injector collisions.

myInjector = new coldbox.system.ioc.Injector()

This affects EVERY version of WireBox because the default behavior of instantiating an Injector like the code above is to put the Injector in application scope: application.wirebox. This means that the REAL injector in an integration test lives in application.wirebox will be overridden. To avoid this collision, disable scope registration:

myInjector = new coldbox.system.ioc.Injector( {
    scopeRegistration : { enabled : false }hj
} )

Custom Wirebox DSLs

For those of you with custom wirebox DSLs, you'll need to update your DSL to match the new process() method signature:

 * Process an incoming DSL definition and produce an object with it
 * @definition   The injection dsl definition structure to process. Keys: name, dsl
 * @targetObject The target object we are building the DSL dependency for. If empty, means we are just requesting building
 * @targetID     The target ID we are building this dependency for
 * @return coldbox.system.ioc.dsl.IDSLBuilder
function process( required definition, targetObject, targetID );

BeanPopulator Deprecated

The object BeanPopulator has been deprecated in favor of ObjectPopulator.

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