What's New With 7.2.0

November 18, 2023
You can read all about this release on our main What's New Page: https://coldbox.ortusbooks.com/readme/release-history/whats-new-with-7.2.0

Release Notes

The full release notes per library can be found below. Just click on the library tab and explore their release notes:

New Feature

WIREBOX-61 Make wirebox.system.aop.Mixer listener load automatically if any aspects are defined/mapped


CACHEBOX-70 Support ad-hoc struct literal of CacheBox DSL to configure CacheBox

New Feature

LOGBOX-75 New listeners for all appenders: preProcessQueue() postProcessQueue()
LOGBOX-76 Add the queue as an argument to the processQueueElement() method
LOGBOX-79 new rolling appender property archiveLayout which is a closure that returns the pattern of the archive layout


LOGBOX-73 Unhandled race conditions in FileRotator lead to errors and potential log data loss
LOGBOX-77 log rotator was not checking for file existence and 1000s of errors could be produced


LOGBOX-62 Support ad-hoc struct literal of LogBox DSL to configure LogBox
LOGBOX-70 Add `Exclude` key to Logbox Categories to Easily Exclude Appenders
LOGBOX-74 shutdown the appenders first instead of the executors to avoid chicken and egg issues
LOGBOX-78 Change fileMaxArchives default from 2 to 10


LOGBOX-72 Removal of instance approach in preferences to accessors for the LogBoxConfig