What's New With 6.2.0
This minor release brings in some major performance enhancements for the way WireBox maps and creates objects. We highly encourage upgrading to it.
What's New With 6.2.x
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What's New With ColdBox 6.2.0

Release Notes



  • [WIREBOX-99] - parameter [binder] to function [process] is required but was not passed in When setting coldbox.autoMap to false and choosing either method of mapping a directory:
  • [WIREBOX-102] - ACF incompats with future combinations due to dumb elvis operator bug

New Features

  • [WIREBOX-98] - Pass the current injector to the binder's life-cycle methods: onShutdown(), onLoad()
  • [WIREBOX-100] - Create a processEagerInits() so it can process them at wirebox load
  • [WIREBOX-101] - Complete rewrite of the Mapping object to script and performance optimizations
  • [WIREBOX-103] - Complete rewrite of the WireBox Binder to script and optimizations
  • [WIREBOX-104] - New WireBox config: autoProcessMappings which can be used to auto process metadata inspections on startup.


  • [COLDBOX-945] - Event caching now bases off the multi host key from the event.getSESBaseURL() to improve consistencies and single responsibility
  • [COLDBOX-953] - Update DateFormat Mask to use lowercase "d" to be compatible with ACF2021


  • [LOGBOX-56] - Missing line break on file appender control string

New Features

  • [LOGBOX-57] - new shutdown() method to process graceful shutdown of LogBox
  • [LOGBOX-58] - New logbox config onShutdown() callback, which is called when LogBox has been shutdown
  • [LOGBOX-59] - New shutdown() method can be now used in appenders that will be called when LogBox is shutdown

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