Mapping Destinations

The mapping destinations tell WireBox what type of object you are mapping to. You will usually use these methods by concatenating map() or with() initiator calls:

Method Signature Description
to(path) Maps a name to a CFC instantiation path
toDSL(dsl) Maps a name to DSL builder string. Construction is done by using this DSL string (Look at Injection DSL)
toFactoryMethod(factory,method) Maps a name to another mapping (factory) and its method call. If you would like to pass in parameters to this factory method call you will use the methodArg() DSL method concatenated to this method call
toJava(path) Maps a name to a Java class that can be instantiated via createObject("java")
toProvider(provider) Maps a name to another mapping (provider) that must implement the WireBox Provider interface (coldbox.system.ioc.IProvider)
toRSS(path) Maps a name to an atom or RSS URL. WireBox will then use the cffeed tag to construct this RSS feed. It builds out into a structure with two keys:
metadata : The metadata of the feed
items : The items in the feed
toValue(value) Maps a name to a constant value, which can be ANYTHING.
toWebservice(path) Maps a name to a webservice WSDL URL. WireBox will create the webservice via createObject("webservice") for you.

Here are some examples:

// CFC
// Java
// RSS feed
// Webservice
// Provider
// DSL

// factory methods

// Mixin a new method in my object that dispenses users

Caution Please note that WireBox can create different types of objects for DI. However, only CFCs will be inspected for autowiring automatically unless you specifically tell WireBox that a certain mapping should not be autowired. In this case you will use the dependencies DSL to define all DI relationships.

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