What's New With 6.0.0

WireBox 6 is a major release for WireBox accompanied by the ColdBox Platform release. WireBox includes LogBox and CacheBox and you can find the appropriate release notes for those libraries as well.

Release Notes


  • [WIREBOX-90] - Fix constructor injection with virtual inheritance

New Features

  • [WIREBOX-91] - Injector's get a reference to an asyncManager and a task scheduler whether they are in ColdBox or non-ColdBox mode

  • [WIREBOX-92] - New `executors` dsl so you can easily inject executors ANYWEHRE

  • [WIREBOX-97] - New dsl coldbox:coldboxSetting:{setting} alias to coldbox:fwSetting:{setting}


  • [WIREBOX-88] - Improve WireBox error on Adobe CF

  • [WIREBOX-93] - Rename WireBox provider get() to $get() to avoid conflicts with provided classes

  • [WIREBOX-94] - getInstance() now accepts either dsl or name via the first argument and initArguments as second argument

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