Registering a Custom DSL

To register a custom namespace in WireBox, place the following configuration in the wirebox struct defined within the configure() method of your WireBox binder CFC. in a ColdBox app, this is /config/WireBox.cfc. Alternatively, you can use the mapDSL() call in the configure() method.

component extends="coldbox.system.ioc.config.Binder" {

    function configure(){
        wirebox = {
            // DSL Namespace registrations
            customDSL = {
                ortus = "path.model.dsl.MyDSL"

        // Or here...        

If you want to register a custom DSL namespace from a module, you can make the same call via the binder reference that is provided to your ModuleConfig.cfc.

component {
    function configure() {

Now I can use the ortus DSL Namespace in my mappings DSL and even my annotations, isn't that cool!

// inject it into a CFC
property name="funky" inject="ortus:funkyObject";

// map it in your WireBox Binder

Dynamic Custom DSL Registration

Injectors allow you to register custom DSLs at runtime by using the registerDSL() method on any injector.

// Register Custom DSL
    .registerDSL( namespace="javaloader", path="app.model.JavaLoaderDSL" );

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