What's New With 5.5.0

This minor release brings in some major performance enhancements for the way WireBox maps and creates objects. We highly encourage upgrading to it.

Compatibility Notes

If you are using annotations for component aliases you will have to tell WireBox explicitly to process those mappings. As by default, we no longer process mappings on startup.

map( name ).process();

New Feature

  • [WIREBOX-84] - Remove auto processing of all mappings defer to lazy loading

  • [WIREBOX-85] - MapDirectory new boolean argument process which defers to false, if true, the mappings will be auto processed

  • [WIREBOX-86] - New binder method: process() if chained from a mapping, it will process the mapping's metadata automatically.


  • [WIREBOX-87] - AOP debug logging as serialized CFCs which clogs log files

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