Populates an Object using only specific columns from a query. Useful for performing a query with joins that needs to populate multiple objects.


  • This function returns any


The structure to populate the object with.

Key Type Required Default Description
target any Yes --- This can be an instantiated bean object or a bean instantiation path as a string. If you pass an instantiation path and the bean has an 'init' method. It will be executed. This method follows the bean contract (set{property_name}). Example: setUsername(), setfname()
qry query yes --- The query to populate the bean object with
rowNumber Numeric No 1 The query row number to use for population
scope string No Use scope injection instead of setters population. Ex: scope=variables.instance.
trustedSetter boolean No false If set to true, the setter method will be called even if it does not exist in the bean
include string No A list of keys to include in the population
exclude string No A list of keys to include in the population
prefix string Yes --- The prefix used to filter, Example: 'user_' would apply to the following columns: 'user_id' and 'user_name' but not 'address_id'.
ignoreEmpty boolean No false Ignore empty values on populations, great for ORM population
nullEmptyInclude string No A list of keys to NULL when empty
nullEmptyExclude string No A list of keys to NOT NULL when empty
composeRelationships boolean No false Automatically attempt to compose relationships from memento

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