Features at a Glance

Here are a simple listing of features WireBox brings to the table:

  • Annotation driven dependency injection
  • 0 configuration mode or a programmatic binder configuration approach via ColdFusion (No XML!)
  • Creation and Wiring of or by:
    • ColdFusion Components
    • Java Classes
    • RSS Feeds
    • WebService objects
    • Constant values
    • DSL string building
    • Factory Methods
  • Multiple Injection Styles: Property, Setter, Method, Constructor
  • Automatic Package/Directory object scanning and registration
  • Multiple object life cycle persistence scopes:
    • No Scope (Transients)
    • Singletons
    • Request Scoped
    • Session Scoped
    • Application Scoped
    • Server Scoped
    • CacheBox Scoped
  • Integrated logging via LogBox, never try to figure out what in the world the DI engine is doing
  • Parent Factories
  • Factory Method Object Creations
  • Object life cycle events via WireBox Listeners/Interceptors
  • Customizable injection DSL
  • WireBox object providers to avoid scope-widening issues on time/volatile persisted objects
  • Aspect Oriented Programming
  • Standalone ORM Entity Injection

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