ColdBox Namespace

This namespace is a combination of namespaces that are only active when used within a ColdBox application:

DSL Description
coldbox Get the coldbox controller reference
coldbox:flash Get a reference to the application's flash scope object
coldbox:setting:{setting} Get the coldbox application {setting} setting and inject it
coldbox:setting:{setting}@{module} Get the coldbox application {setting} from the {module} and inject it
coldbox:plugin:{plugin} Get the {plugin} plugin and inject it
coldbox:myPlugin:{MyPlugin} Get the {MyPlugin} custom plugin and inject it
coldbox:myPlugin:{MyPlugin}@{module} Get the {MyPlugin} custom plugin from the {module} module and inject it
coldbox:datasource:{alias} Get a new datasource bean according to {alias}
coldbox:configBean Get a new config bean object and inject it
coldbox:mailsettingsbean Get a new mail settings bean and inject it
coldbox:loaderService Get a reference to the loader service
coldbox:requestService Get a reference to the request service
coldbox:debuggerService Get a reference to the debugger service
coldbox:pluginService Get a reference to the plugin service
coldbox:handlerService Get a reference to the handler service
coldbox:interceptorService Get a reference to the interceptor service
coldbox:moduleService Get a reference to the ColdBox Module Service
coldbox:interceptor:{name} Get a reference of a named interceptor {name}
coldbox:cacheManager get the cache manager
coldbox:fwConfigBean Get a configuration bean object with ColdBox settings instead of Application settings
coldbox:fwSetting:{setting} Get a setting from the ColdBox settings instead of the Application settings
coldbox:moduleSettings:{module} Inject the entire {module} settings structure
coldbox:moduleConfig:{module} Inject the entire {module} configurations structure
ioc Get the named ioc bean and inject it. Name comes from the cfproperty, setter or argument name
ioc:{beanName} Get the ioc bean according to {beanName}
javaLoader:{class} Create an object from the JavaLoader plugin and its set of loaded java libraries
webservice:{alias} Get a webservice object using an {alias} that matches in your coldbox configuration file.
// some examples
property name="logbox" inject="logbox";
property name="rootLogger" inject="logbox:root";
property name="logger" inject="";
property name="moduleService" inject="coldbox:moduleService";
property name="producer" inject="coldbox:interceptor:MessageProducer";
property name="configBean" inject="coldbox:fwConfigBean";
property name="producer" inject="interceptor:MessageProducer";
property name="appPath" inject="coldbox:fwSetting:ApplicationPath";

// JavaLoader goodness
property name="binaryHeap" inject="javaLoader:org.apache.commons.collections.BinaryHeap";
property name="email" inject="javaLoader:org.apache.commons.mail.SimpleEmail";

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